Dear customer, here you will find a guide on how to wall mount your bookcase.

Place the wall bracket horizontally on the wall, please use a "spirit level". Place the lower left corner of the wall mount 11 cm lower and 3 cm to the right from the desired highest left corner of your bookcase. Please refer to the illustration. This way you can easily measure where to place the wall hanger before hanging your bookshelves on the wall.


Start by turning the adjustable metal disc at each end of the wall socket (use a flat screwdriver) so that the +/- indicator faces 12 o'clock. Mark for drilling in the two adjustable holes. Drill and insert screws into the two holes. Place the wall switch on the two screws and make sure it is horizontal. If it is not leveled satisfactorily, adjust the level by turning the adjustable metal disc. Once you have adjusted one or perhaps both sides of the wall connector - make additional holes in the wall to match the pre-drilled holes in the centre of the wall connector - this way you have an extra strong and stable wall Installation

In your packaging you will find two adjustment devices. These adjusters allow you to level your Bookcase vertically if your wall is slightly uneven. Use them by removing the tape and placing them in each of the bottom corners of the back of your bookcase. Turn the metal washers anti-clockwise to align between the wall and the bookcase